It’s dangerous to go alone. We’re looking for passionate gamers who share our tastes and want to get involved with a semi-casual development team to work on several projects of varying genre and style. Whether you’re a budding programmer, modeler, texture artist, voice actor, animator – you might be what we’re looking for! Don’t let a lack of experience discourage you from getting in touch – none of us are experts, and all of us learn every day. We have the privilege of possessing a modest network of figures within the games industry from Indie to AAA, and would love for you to join us on the ground floor.


I don’t want to get tied down.

That’s okay Freebird, we hire contractors too. Our contractors agreement is one of the fairest you’ll find – retaining all of your artistic rights short of the re-selling of whatever work we’ve purchased from you as well as being granted full accreditation on all publications of your work, anywhere – if you see your work, you’ll see your name. Simple as that!

What’s in it for me?

Don’t worry about it Scrooge, credit where credit’s due. We won’t ask for a minute of your time until we’ve drafted an agreement that pleases both parties. When it comes to contracts, we’re easy – fixed term, rolling, permanent – whichever you fancy. If you’d prefer to be paid per item, that’s cool. If you think one of our projects has potential, why not work hard to help it achieve that potential in return for a profit share?


What if we have creative differences somewhere down the line?

Shit happens – but a contract is a contract. You hold up your end, we’ll hold up ours. The honor system!