Concept art for one of Disjudicator's areas.
Concept art for one of Disjudicator’s areas.

Disjudicator serves as our first formulated idea – we’re working on the kinks and learning as we go, but we’re putting in a lot of love (and money) into bringing our ideas for it into clearer focus. The main focus for Disjudicator is to combine arcade-style platforming and shooter mechanics with an entertaining story line and aesthetic to sweeten the deal, as well as offering the player multiple ways to play and experience it through decision and performance based routes.

To refine the classic mechanics of Disjudicator, we’ve brainstormed how to raise the skill ceiling with nuances to controlling the player, weapon use, NPC behaviour, the list goes on, but after all – Disjudicator is still a baby, and therefore needs a lot more TLC – if you are interested in contributing to Disjudicator, please Join Us.