Long story short – we like video games. Short story long – the first forms of artistic expression to influence us were video games, video games that branded our memories with sound bytes, imagery and feelings that we won’t shake until the day we die (next week, from the compounded damage we have done to our bodies through decades of neglect in favour of video games).

Seriously though, we find few other means of conveying themes as rich as those imbued in a masterpiece of a video game – the chilling, moody ambience of the Diablo games, the lush and thoroughly imagined worlds rendered throughout Final Fantasy, the quasi-human canned spiel of a billboard-person bothering you on your way to Daggerfall castle… These are all memories that manifest themselves frenetically as a tangled ball in our throats, aching to spew forth in a fountain of references and crude gesticulations.

However, we prefer to express these overwhelming feelings in more articulate, productive ways. Hence, Jagged Realms was born unto the world, with a mighty “plop”.


Kyle Motherwell


Lead Programmer

Programmer. Grafter. A voracious knowledge-processing machine. Kyle is the powerhouse driving Jagged Realms further into the unknown on the frontier of the video gaming borderlands. An avid consumer of the unusual and imaginative – favouring original ideas and clever mechanics over blockbuster titles. A visionary in his own right.

Favourite titles: Legacy of Kain, Dungeon Keeper, Diablo, NoX

Dan Bell


Writer/Designer, Moderator

An average skill-set for an average man. Dan takes the reigns as proofer of copies, writer of words and adviser on all things technical and creative. A hopeless pedant and a little sarcastic at the best of times, he rules the Jagged Realms of spelling and grammar with an iron first. Nurturing a burning passion for computer hardware and gaming of days past, Dan longs to contribute to the epic zeitgeist of video gaming for years to come.

Favourite titles: Final Fantasy, Counter Strike, The Elder Scrolls, Silent Hill, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee


Craig Bronsdon


Lead Sound Designer

Our incumbent, academically-involved sound engineer comes with a feature-packed brief irresistible to any development team (and women). With inspiration and soul as the key facets to his spunky funk, Craig can score any project (and babes). Also plays guitar like a fucking wizard.

Favourite titles: The Elder Scrolls, Counter Strike, Rocket League, Soul Reaver